Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Quest for Words!

ell, I'm back, still musing on Life, the Universe and everything, with a brief post to mark the fact that today’s Saint is Quiricus, who was only three years old when he was beaten to death by the Romans while his mother Julitta was forced to watch. Then she too was killed for being a Christian. Alas, I can tell you nothing more, since facts about this sad little tale are few and far between. I only chose him because there are not many saints whose names start with the letter Q. Come to that, how many people do you know whose names begin with Q? 

Anyway, let us remember him by looking at the Q page from Mike Wilks’ The Ultimate Alphabet, and see how many Q words we can find. You will, of course,  note that everything is quadrupled. And I've tried to keep the theme going with a decorative initial letter composed of quadrilateral shapes (thanks to

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