Sunday, 16 October 2011

Orange Sunday

 Time for tea! I finished a tea cosy for my little teapot that sits on top of a cup - and made a flower to on the top.
Don't hang about! I spotted this hanging basket hanging from an arch in the Buttermarket, beneath the Town Hall.
Getting stuck in to needlework.... Miniature pincushions in autumnal colours.
Sine a light! These Hallowe'en candles look like tiny Jack o' lanterns.
It's knot difficult... An autumn tree, embroidered with French knots and seed beads.
Petal power! Bizzy Lizzies in the Castle Grounds.
All buttoned up! A card stitched from scraps.
A pretty flower in one of the tubs by the entrance to the Castle Grounds. It looks pinker in the photograph than it did in reality and I have no idea what it is!
Bags of money.... Crochet bags to hold cash or treats!
  I can't eat chocolate, but I couldn't resist these. Aren't they cute?

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