Friday, 2 April 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends

IT seems to be ages since I last wrote anything - I think life, the universe and everything got a little on top of me. I have not been on Facebook for ages, have not read Emails, and have ignored text messages (not helped by problems with the mobile phone - I have had three numbers in as many weeks!) and seem to have lost touch with everyone.

Now I feel truly terrible because I have such wonderful friends - and family - who are all so supportive.

Anyway, I am reopening the lines of communication. I have been on Facebook tonight, and the lovely, warm greetings I received were just amazing.

Tomorrow I shall buy some pretty cards, and write to friends who are not on Facebook, to apologise. Friendship is a precious thing, and should not be ignored or discarded, or taken for granted, and sometimes people need to know just how much you like and appreciate them.

Then I shall text my latest new mobile number to people.

I feel as if the world has been carrying on without me, but I am ready to rejoin it, feeling refreshed and renewed.


  1. Hi ChrisCross (great blog name)

    Don't beat yourself up. We all need time away from these sites. I often want to stop the virtual world and get off!

    How do feel about doing lunch at exotic Florascape one day with the Other Girls?

    p xxx

  2. Hi Chris, love the new look blog


  3. Thank you. It's a work in progress - I keep getti g stuck and going wrong!

  4. HI mum! its emily. hope you're ok. lots of love xx


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