Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Getting on with My Life

TODAY was the last day of my college course, which has left me feeling a little sad. For just over nine months my studies have given my days a shape and structure, to say nothing of getting my brain back into gear.

When I enrolled for an Office Skills course at my local college I was so nervous I almost abandoned it before I started.

At that point my self-esteem was at rock-bottom. No-one, it seemed, wanted a redundant, ageing, technophobic journalist.

Not only was I singularly ill-equipped for a change of career, but it was 30 years or more since I had been involved in any kind of formal learning process and I wasn't sure how I would cope with being back in the classroom.

I needn't have worried, however. The support from staff and other students was fantastic. I loved every minute of the course.  I enjoyed the challenge of learning something new, of seeking and recording information, and am immensely proud of myself for gaining qualifications in ITQ and Business Administration.

Much to my surprise, I discovered computers are not scary or difficult - they are fun and I really enjoy using them.

Once today's text processing exam was over I felt a sense of anti-climax but my spirits revived thanks to a lovely lunch with Romantic Novelist Phillipa Ashley (see her excellent blog and website at

And, as an added bonus, The Daughters presented me with flowers and a 'congratulations' card, which was really touching and thoughtful.

Now I feel as if I have finally drawn a line under redundancy and can get on with the rest of my life.

I'm hoping to use my new-found skills by doing some 'temping', I am considering taking another course, I can enjoy the company of my family, I have embroidery to do, books to read, family friends to meet, and the garden to finish.

And I can do all these things at my own pace, in my own time because I want to do them - not because I have to.


  1. A pleasure to help you mark the end of one era - and a new beginning, Chris (even if was only in Costa and M&S coffee!) The flowers are gorgeous.

  2. Thank you. Costa and MS were wonderful - it was effectively two lunches!


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