Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Breakfast with Windy Winnold

TODAY'S saint is Winnold, otherwise known as Winwaloe, Saint Winnol or Winwaloc who, as I said yesterday, is the subject of this charming rhyme: "First comes David, then comes Chad, And then comes Winnold, as if he were mad." It is, apparently, an allusion to the boistrous winds which often blow at this at this time of the year.

Unfortunately, although my trusty book of saints quotes this rhyme, it doesn't give any details about St Winnold, but searching online threw up some information ( It seems Winnold was a Breton abbot, who was trained by St Budoc on an island called Laurea, and later became a hermit on the island of Tibidy, off the Breton coast. Apparently he wore garments made from goat hair or goatskin, and fishes made their way to him when he rang a bell (though whether they came to pray or be eaten I am not sure!).

He was a popular saint in Norfolk, and a Benedictine Priory named after him was established at Wereham in 1199. In addition Downham Market used to hold a horse fair in Winnold's honour, and the town council marked his feast day with a civic breakfast in the town hall.

A special breakfast would be a good way to celebrate, but since it is a little late for that I guess supper would do just as well - perhaps a fishy recipe.

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