Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lists, leeks and love stories

This is The Cat, looking all peaceful, but while I wrote this he woke up and ended the day, as he began it it, by demanding to be fed... so he may feature twice on tomorrow's task list.

TODAY I have a little list. I have written 'Tasks of the Day' in large red letters and beneath that I have inscribed the words 'I Must'. I case you wonder, I must feed The Cat, get dressed, ring my mother, finish OU essay, post letters for Younger Daughter, buy food, meet friend for lunch, dry washing, bring dustbin in, put recyling bin out

This last item is due to he fact that late last night, clad in nightie and dressing gown, I put the bin out, only to discover early this morning that today is blue bin day, not black bin day. Once upon a time we had a metal dustbin, into which all the rubbish went, and the dustmen, most obligingly, took it away without complaint. These days I spend hours sorting through our unwanted items to ensure they are placed in the correct receptacle - and haranguing my loved ones if they fail to get it right.

Anyway, back to the list. During the day items were ticked off, entries scratched out and chores added: make a leek and cheese bake, I wrote (after all, it is St David's Day, he is the patron saint of Wales, and one of the Welsh emblems is a leek). Go to bank was another reminder, along with water the house plants.

In the event I failed to dry the washing, I forgot to water the plants, I didn't cook a meal (the Man of the House fell asleep and The Daughters went out). Nor did I complete the OU essay - although I did print off a first draft, which is progress.

On the plus side I did feed The Cat, I did post Younger Daughter's letters, and I did get dressed (before I sorted the bins out, I hasten to add). I even found time to discover why the leek is a Welsh emblem. Apparently King Cadwaladr of Gwynedd, engaged in battle in a leek field, told his men to fix one of the vegetables to their helmet, so they would realise they were on the same side.

Best of all I kept my lunch appoinment and spent a lovely couple of hours with my novelist friend Phillipa Ashley, who has just teamed up with two fellow authors to produce an E-book of short love stories - well, romantic encounters at any rate. They really do need your support, so take a look at their website, and vote for which cover you want to see on their E-book by going to http://romanticbriefencounters.blogspot.com/2011/02/great-cover-debate.html

Meanwhile, at her suggestion, I am writing another list. She has suggested a new approach in my search for a job so, on her advice, I am producing a list of things I enjoy doing, which should focus my thoughts and help me think of the types of work I could do.

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  1. Well done, Chris. It was lovely to have lunch and I hope your List is productive.

    Gorgeous cat photo btw...


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